About us

For over a decade we have built a strong business pillars on which we stand firmly. We worked standards that others want to imitate. We have built a team of people, which, thanks to the involvement, high standards of cooperation and a lot of knowledge, can fulfil even the most demanding tasks.

In the first place we always meet the sophisticated needs of the customer. Every day we follow the current, global trends and try to adapt them to the needs of the Polish market. As a result, we are always two steps ahead of the competition. Each of our offers is prepared based on the individual needs of our customers to meet their expectations to the maximum possible extend. That's why Artneo projects are widely recognized.

Since the beginning of Artneo, we focus on development and creativity. Only people who are not afraid  to take the challenges associated with the implementation of demanding projects and  the need to maintain the highest quality standards join the Artneo team.