Dedicated systems

CRM systems

Recent years show that access to new technologies and increasing ability to integrate data allow develop increasingly advanced CRM systems (customer relationship management). Execution and implementation of a good CRM solution allow the company to respond relatively to customer needs as well as shorten the sales cycle due to the linkage of certain actions and their automation. Thanks to good solutions, we can increase revenue and profits of a company, to control the relations with clients and capture new ones, to serve customers in a better way, expand sales to existing customers, to profile them because of the potential to reduce administrative costs. CRM systems created by us allow  gradual expansion of new components, functionality, new linkage and external integration due to high scalability, flexibility, and construction of the object.


CMS systems

Over the years and due to cooperation with a wide range of industries, we have developed our own CMS systems (content management system) that allows you to easily manage, update expand the websites. Continuous evaluation allowed us to develop a good tool that enables integration with external tools, development of components dedicated to a particular customer, however, it still remains a simple and intuitive tool for the service management. The clever, object-oriented design allows you to customize the CMS to the individual needs , depending on the specifics of the industry, in which given internet service is embedded.