Hosting/ IT service


Maintenance of websites, stores, dedicated systems on Polish servers in the Data Centre.

We are one of the leaders of the local market of hosting services for demanding users. Since 2002, as part of our business we provide services based on our own resources in the Data Centre located in Poland. For our clients, we offer a full time check of the technical infrastructure and equipment, as well as quick access to all the resources, fast backup and restoring continuity of dedicated systems, stores and websites.

Our advantages:

- more than 800 customers
- 12 years of experience
- stable link from 6 operators


IT service

Companies service in terms of full IT outsourcing/

§ Computer service

§ Mobile phones service

§ Software installation

§ Exchange of computer components

§ Lost data recovering

§ Removing computer bugs

§ Computer Networks - installation and configuration

§ Configuration of routers and wireless Wi-Fi

§ Post warranty repairs