• Websites

    Strony internetowe /Sklepy internetowe


    Along with the team of graphics, we design projects used for traditional and modern media. We design with care for details and individual character of each order.

    Websites Shops


  • Hosting
    /IT service

    Hosting /Obsługa IT


    Hosting services offered by our company provide conflict-free maintenance of your Web site and applications based on web technology, as well as support email accounts in your company's domain.



  • Dedicated

    Systemy dedykowane


    We offer professional services and IT consultancy. Our experience works in companies where you need a quick response to the problem. A large knowledge allows us to advise and manage large networks.



  • Printing/
    (3D graphics)

    Branding Projektowanie Graficzne (Grafika 3D)


    The full set of graphic designers, programmers and specialists in Social Media build an identity and brand strategy by treating each customer as a new personal challenge. As a result, there are no clichés; each project is the road to victory.

    Printing Branding


  • Social Media

    Social Media Spoty promocyjne


    Social media gathered around hundreds millions of users, among which you can find any possible target group. As a result, they have become one of the basic tools that enhance the company's image.



  • Positioning

    Pozycjonowanie / Reklama AdWords


    The sponsored links have become extremely popular form of advertising in recent years. The possibility of placing a private advertising in search results, so that its content is closely linked with the phrase searched by the user, has become incredibly interesting for customers.